Remote Support

Blue Positions support staff can perform remote support where we can see through the Internet and work on your computer as if we were in front of it. If you have made a deal with a support representative about remote support, you need to run a small program (TeamViewer), which makes the supporter can be connected to your computer.


You can download the program from here. The program needs to be installed but can be run directly from the Internet, or it can be downloaded and then started.


When the program starts on your computer informs it an ID and a password, which you must inform the supporter of this can be connected to your computer.


Unless the application is running on your computer, others can not connect to your computer. ID and password do that strangers can not connect to your computer, and to use a new ID and password each time the application is started. All communication between your and support the PC are encrypted with 256-bit encryption.


If you have an existing 'software maintenance and support' agreement you can download the latest version of the / programs that you previously acquired.

If you do not have a valid 'software maintenance and support' agreement then you should not download a newer version with some facilities in the product will cease to function properly.

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